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Because Traditional Search Engine Optimization Alone Won’t Cut It.

Welcome to A.C.E. SEO

Your website today is the storefront of window shoppers from yesteryear. The difference? You can now be more strategic about who is walking through the door.

Which is why SEO can no longer exist on an island. Plugging in key words, tagging a few photos and setting up pay for play with Adwords might draw shoppers to the window, but falls short of true “optimization”. In other words, the traffic is there but the results are not.

Savvy consumers demand consistency as they consider interacting with your brand. In order to bring not just anyone, but your target audience from the storefront window through the door, The “Adholics” three-tiered approach incorporates the latest SEO tactics interwoven into your company messaging and outreach methods resulting in an engaging online experience.

The “Adholics” A.C.E. SEO approach:

Step 1: Analyze

◦     Develop picture of current traffic and user interface with existing website

◦     Determine issues and opportunities

◦     Recommend structural solutions and higher-level strategy

Step 2: Conclude

◦     Analyze your brand and confirm strategic recommendations from analysis

◦     Generate recommended tactics for increased online interaction

Step 3: Execute

◦     Optimize website with brand-matching, content-driven approach

◦     Establish and/or maintain consistency with other company marketing tools

◦     Connect social media and traditional public relations messaging to drive the correct traffic to your website.

Adholics-The Adholics- SEO-Search engine optimization-marketing-collaborative agency-Minneapolis marketing agency-minnesota marketing agency-design-web development

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