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Colorado Dreaming | Sponsorship Marketing Field Trip

Colorado Dreaming

and the mountains were gray

I went for a ride on a summers day.

Pardon my adaptation of California Dreaming but Colorado in the summer is officially my new happy place, and it appears so to that of the world’s elite cyclists.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado with my business partner to follow the USA Pro Challenge, which is quickly becoming the premier race of choice following the Tour de France by the sport’s top professionals. The seven stage bike race at consistently high altitudes also features the most challenging climb in the sport’s global history. How challenging are we talking here? Consider that this year’s Tour De France winner Chris Froome didn’t even complete the final stage.

I can sympathize on a relative level. Being an avid cyclist, I had always wanted to tackle the mountains of Colorado. What I soon learned last week was the steep changes in elevation proved to be much more challenging than any trails I currently ride in Minneapolis and my goals needed to be reshaped. For adrenaline junkies, there is a trade off after the climb in the form of a euphoric yet intimidating rush of flying down the mountain at 50 miles per hour.

I would adamantly recommend the experience to any avid biker. While the feeling of tearing down the mountainside unhitched is in many ways indescribable, it’s still entirely relatable. But I digress before I go into a full on metaphor mode and talk about how business and life are full of hills and valleys.

And perhaps that is what makes the sport so appealing to its fans and growing number of sponsors. A client had asked us to scope out sponsorship opportunities and the evidence we gathered to support our shared notion that it is the next marketer’s dream.

No other sport exists where you get free, up close and personal access to the top athletes in their prime without a VIP pass. No sport allows you experience alongside an athlete’s agony as they climb up 12,000 feet while meeting them at the other side of the mountain where they’re topping out at speeds higher than the legal limit for automobiles. No sport combines the technology and sophistication that helps set the bar not only for cyclists themselves but also as springboard for environmentalists and the automobile industry looking to make the modern, fast-paced world a safer place to live.

And from a business perspective, cycling’s well known peaks and valleys off the road are cleaning up and therefore offer no better opportunity for a marketer to sharpen the focus of their company’s brand at a more cost-effective price than now.

And there is no better showcase for us here in the states than Colorado in the summer.

I am happy to meet with any company considering cycling to discuss the benefits of sponsorships. The opportunities in this sport have never been better.

For you cycling geeks, I hope you enjoy the visual tour of our trip to Colorado:



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