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Does corporate america “Sponsor” The “Adholics”?

Does Corporate America Sponsor The “Adholics”?

With the launch of our new site, I thought it might be fun to re-post one of my favorite blog posts from the last 3 years as our official 1st post. The below came to me through email just 2 years ago from an anonymous source. I still get a chuckle each time I read this:

I’m a public relations guru, working directly for the man in Corporate America. I fight rush hour traffic in to and out of downtown Minneapolis daily for my 8:00 to 5:00 job, breaking the law en route by reading and emailing from my company-owned Blackberry while driving. The “perk” of my technology upgrade quickly turned into officially signing my life away to be “on call” 24-7, but unlike an Adholic, I still have to set foot in Cube Land on a daily basis. Speaking of, I’ve continued to show up to labyrinths of beige-colored half walls with faux oak chairs under the guise of “gainful employment” for going on 10 years now because… I have to… right?

The guy next to me comes in at 10:00. He leaves at 4:00. He’s here 3-4 days a week. He doesn’t document his off days. Doesn’t have weekly 1 on 1 “check in” meetings with bosses. Staff meetings are optional. He doesn’t wear a suit (ok, I wear a suit by choice… or did the “man” subconsciously make me think it was my choice?). Oh, and instead of working here today, he’s taking a longer weekend up at his cabin where he’ll work from his laptop by the fire a bit before going out snowshoeing.

How did I miss that boat?

Sure, I have stability the guy next to me lacks – a contractor hired on a three-month basis while a co-worker is on maternity leave. Or do I? Since joining my current Fortune 500 company I’ve reported to four bosses in three-and-one-half years. I’ve had 13 “dotted-line” relationships to bosses in other departments that I somehow report to sometime for somethings but not all the time for everything (try saying that five times in a row… yeah, that’s how I feel when trying to work effectively in this environment). My employer cuts people at will and hires sparingly. And each new micro-managing boss represents an “opportunity” for me to re-interview and re-prove my worth semi-annually for a raise and promotion that will never come. Some stability, eh?

A quick check of office floor shows that one and five cubes amongst the maze are occupied by a contractor. A small business owner, working in various marketing and communications-related roles on a part-time basis, making twice my salary, while us employees continue to brown nose for scraps that fall under the table.

Ah, so its true … even Corporate America sponsors The “Adholics”. Or is at the very least embracing adholicism.

My point is, take this shout out from a corporate insider… Adholics, your business model is working and is needed here. To you top-level free lancers, don’t work for the man, but come work with us – and enjoy the rest of your time working in your slippers. And to Corporate America who hasn’t embraced the trend – find an agency like The “Adholics” and hire their talent immediately. Creative contractors not only can help a conservative company like mine push forward in this ever-evolving social media environment but they possess the balls to present an objective view without being influenced that the man will fire them on Monday.

And if you’re in a position like me, get out before the next soothing ray of that buzzing, fluorescent light bulb above your head in Cube Land is medically proven to cause insanity.

NOTE TO SELF: Read this blog and follow your own advice before it’s too late. But excuse me first… I need to go buy a “Jeans Ok” sticker from my admin before the man sees me sporting these Levis.

I guess we’re not that far-fetched of a concept after-all. Maybe your company agrees with the anonymous writer above and would like to speak with us about assisting with your creative service needs.

I am always available and happy to talk.


  • Joshua Fedie Owner | Director of Business Development
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