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Looking for a brand refresh? Choose carefully.

Does your logo need a little restoration? Like an old fresco that has been exposed to the elements just a little too long, has the crisp message it used to relay faded?

Don’t let just anyone touch your logo. Choose carefully.

This fresco in Spain was in need of a little restoration as well. A well-intentioned woman decided to take it upon herself (the parish priest may or may not have requested the work) to bring the image back to life. As you can see below, she missed the mark a bit. A big bit. Oops!

Ruined fresco

Here is a link to the story: Ruined Fresco

Don’t let this happen to your brand. When it’s time for your company to update its branding and identity, be sure to choose a team with not just your best interests in mind, but also the know-how to execute and deliver the final product you need.

Have I told you about The Brand Rehab division at The “Adholics” yet? Maybe now is a good time for us to be introduced.

Call me anytime, I’d love to help you get your brand back on the right track.


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