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Who are The “Adholics”?

Adholic (noun) is a person who is compelled to use their creative talents to satisfy their addiction to great marketing and advertising.

Adholics (pl) suffer from an obsessive need to produce innovative marketing and advertising, which can lead to what is known as Adholism. Don’t worry about us…the end result is a positive contribution to the creative world–oodles of jaw-dropping advertising that will blow your mind.

The “Adholics” is not your typical marketing/advertising agency. We’re a collaborative group made up exclusively of creative professionals, each member hand-selected for our respective skills.

Our professional collaboration results in us being able to function as a full-service creative agency, built specifically to meet every marketing/advertising need imaginable. We offer companies the service and talent of a large firm with the nimble response and pricing structure of a smaller agency.  In our humble opinion, our economical, common-sense approach is on the front-end of what we believe will become the new normal.

Partner with The “Adholics” for your marketing/advertising needs and reap the rewards of a smart, effective, and cost-effective creative team. The extra bonus: you can feel good about helping to support a healthy outlet for top-tier talent suffering from Adholism. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you have a problem with your Marketing & Advertising?

You’re not alone.


Full range of services. Zero Overhead.

It’s true, we offer all these services and even more without any overhead. We work smart and efficiently to give you the creative you need to fuel your company’s growth without draining your finances. Working with The “Adholics” feels just like working with a “traditional” agency; you have a dedicated team of art directors, designers, developers and an account manager. Where we distinguish ourselves is in our ability to reduce the final cost without sacrificing the quality of work.


Step 1: Admitting you have a problem.

Do you admit that your marketing needs have become unmanageable?

Your company is going to be alright.

Specialized rehabilitation for troubled brands & websites.

The Brand Rehab

We know how it happens, we’ve seen it a hundred times. A brand is born, and with enthusiasm you embrace it in your corporate culture like a newborn child to it’s mother. You brag it up at parties and tell success stories of all it’s recent achievements to anyone willing to lend an ear. When asked questions you have an engrained response that highlights all of it’s finer qualities and gets right to the core of it’s identity. Everyone was so impressed. However your brand is older now, and though you still brag it up when asked, time and a multitude of events have turned your elevator pitch into an incoherent novel. If it’s become difficult to remember your company’s mission you are in the throws of a corporate identity crisis. You need help. Read More

Web Dev Rehab

You’ve been talking about it around the office for months, but lets face it, the issue has become worse with every passing day. It’s time to confront the digital face of your company head on. It’s time for a website intervention. Don’t worry, the specialists at The “Adholics” have been through this process before. We know the challenges you face, and come fully-loaded with all the answers to any obstacles you might encounter. If your website has gone bad, make a choice to take back control. Read More

Step 2: Belief

Have you come to the belief that a new set of creative eyes might return sanity to your entire organization?

Step 3: Decision

Make the choice to give yourself better creative. You deserve it.

Who decided to reduce Weblog to a four letter word?

Welcome to The Adholics Blog

Ship my pants

Is the new kmart commercial genius? Really? Watch it here: Ship My Pants I’ll tell you one thing, I love this new kmart commercial. Granted, I have never been, nor do I plan to be a kmart shopper. Regardless, that is a definite viral success. The problem I have with it is simple, if it […]

Branding your company in a crowded marketplace

by Joshua Fedie | Owner | The “Adholics” This is not a post about working-out or living healthy or my recent weight loss successes. Not entirely anyways. This is a post about branding and how if used properly it will effectively set your company apart in a crowded marketplace. But let me preface the post […]

Step 4: Trust

You have come to the right place. We’re happy you found us. It’s going to be alright.



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