KidWind & Friends

KidWind & FriendsĀ were developed for a St. Paul MN company Kidwind.org, a company that promotes the use of renewable energy through early child education by creating miniature wind turbines, solar cars and hydro powered kits to give kids a fun way to learn and participate in the future of better, cleaner energy. The “Adholics” were asked to try and develop a retail friendly face for the company and KidWind was born. KidWind & Friends is a bit of a nod to the days of decoder rings and Bazooka Joe with a modern environmentally friendly twist. The Characters KidWind, KidSolar, KidKinetic, KidHydro and Circuit The Dog all have powers based off of renewable energy. A quarterly comic was planned for distribution at local toy shops so that KidWind fans could follow the story of the cast and crew as they would battle against enemies who would (you guessed it) utilize non-renewable energy like coal as their power. We were proud of our work on this assignment and hope to one day see it find it’s way to the retail floor.

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