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The Brand Rehab

It's a good thing we found you.

Even great brands can go bad. We can help.

BrandRehabFinWelcome to The Brand Rehab.

We know how it happens, we’ve seen it a hundred times. A brand is born, and with enthusiasm you embrace it in your corporate culture like a newborn child to it’s mother. You brag it up at parties and tell success stories of all it’s recent achievements to anyone willing to lend an ear. When asked questions you have an engrained response that highlights all of it’s finer qualities and gets right to the core of it’s identity.

Everyone was so impressed.

However your brand is older now, and though you still brag it up when asked, time and a multitude of events have turned your elevator pitch into an incoherent novel.

If it’s become difficult to remember your company’s mission you are in the throws of a corporate identity crisis.

You need help.

You’re lucky you found us. We are The Brand Rehab.

We will get you back on track with (you guessed it) our 4 step program.

Step 1: Reevaluate.

What does your company currently stand for? What was your message when you launched? What has changed in your messaging over the years? Do you have an elevator pitch? Is the message you are pushing to your clients and prospects the message you intend to promote or has it taken a right turn on you? Are your company values clearly defined? Do your visual elements reenforce your brand? These are some of the first questions in helping you get your brand defined and back on track. Don’t let years of ill-advised marketing and sloppy deadline-meeting decisions define your brand.

Step 2: Formulate a plan.

You cannot get your brand where you want it to go if you never clearly define what you want it to become in the first place. We’ll make this phase as easy as we can, but know that this process can be a bit of an undertaking. With information gathered in Step 1, we will begin the process of discussing with you and your team what the group believes to be your companies values, strengths, and message. This phase is always interesting as you can imagine we many times find conflicting messages in play from various individuals and departments. From here we will work together to streamline and define your core messages and company direction prior to launching into any graphic work.

Step 3: Put the pen to the paper.

This is where we begin our favorite portion of the rehabilitation process, recreating, redefining, and rebranding your company. But though you have turned control over to us, know that you are by no means off the hook here. Remember, you need to live this new brand so you need to be there to give us feedback on everything we create be it copy or design and let us know if what we are creating is something you can live. Not live with, Live. Big difference. The end of this step will culminate in fresh graphics, fresh copy and a fresh company-wide focus.

Step 4: Live Your Brand.

We are still here for you, but this is where we turn the control back over to you. Consider this your graduation day. Congratulations! You have made it through your brand rehabilitation but now begins the real work. Old habits are hard to break and you will find yourself reverting to your old elevator pitch, or pitching strengths or specialties that you know are no longer the main focus or offerings. You may even be tempted to hand out your old business cards or brochures until they run out saying “I’m being earth friendly, these materials are still fine”. You need to catch yourself when these issues arise, you need to remember all the work that got your company to this point. Don’ worry, we’ll be your company sponsor as long as you’ll have us.


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