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This is never easy

It's time for your website intervention.


Welcome to Web/Dev Rehab.

You’ve been talking about it around the office for months, but lets face it, the issue has become worse with every passing day. It’s time to confront the digital face of your company head on. It’s time for a website intervention.

We know all the objections already:

“It’s just a little flash.  I can quit any time.”

“What do you mean I haven’t been responsive on your mobile devices?”

“Of course I’ve been keeping current on web standards!”

“I’m optimized. Trust me, I am.”

“I’ll change. Just give me a little more time and I will become the website you always wanted.”

Though these objections are hard to confront with your website, they are both predictable and easy to remedy. (And yes, as you would guess, we have a 4 step program for this as well)

Step 1: Let Go.

When you realize you need a better developed website or web tool, it is always best to start from scratch and build it fresh from the ground up. At times, the issues you are having may seem strictly cosmetic. We can explore pulling in a graphic surgeon to perform a facelift, however, it is our experience that when a site goes bad, the ugly runs deep. Let’s save ourselves a lot time and cash, and just start fresh with clean code.

Step 2: Set Attainable Goals.

We get it; you’re excited. You’ve finally decided that your old website just was not doing the job it used to and now you want it gone. Fast. Hold on cowboy/cowgirl and letss take a step back for just a moment. Let’s figure out exactly where your old site wronged you and your business. Let’s analyze whatever data you might have from your existing site and see if any of what you had was working so we can better figure out what wasn’t. Then, lets decide what you want your site to do for you. This process entails the design, navigation and visuals used for brand reinforcement through the site as well as a discussion about any custom pieces you’d like on the interior pages. We can do just about anything with your new site, lets just make sure it makes business sense and isn’t just there to be all flashy. Unless your business is all about being all flashy, in which case do I have some bells and whistle’s for you.

Step 3: Be Critical.

We made it through step 2, and now we have begun to design/develop your new website. It is crucial that you care for your own site as much as we care for your site in this process. If something isn’t quite looking right, for example if you think the navigation is just a little confusing for your audience, or that picture used on the “about us” page just doesn’t speak to you, we want you to be as honest about your concerns here as possible. This will ensure that the final product is the website or web tool you need to drive your business growth.

Step 4: Attract The Right People.

Your old website hung around with a bad crowd, obviously it cannot go back to that dark place, we need to make sure that the audience it now attracts is the desired audience your company needs to reach. We will make sure your entire site is optimized for optimal search results. Meta Data, Title tags, SEO, PPC, these are a lot of things your old site more than likely knew nothing about. Your new site will.

Whatever we are developing, whether it be a company website or a custom web app we use industry best practices in all of our design and code to make sure your website will be functional, clean, optimized and best of all, custom to your needs.

Prescriptions and Medications (AKA Strengths and development languages)

NodeJS, JavaScript, Drupal, Magento, UX Design, Protoyping, Rapid Application Development, Architecture Design, Framework/Module design, Agile Programming Methology, Photoshop, CSS, HTML, WordPress, WebSockets, MySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Linux, Mobile/Responsive Web, APIs.


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